Cyclosporine ointment for dogs

Cyclosporine Drug Description

General Drug Information and Indications:

Cyclosporine ointment for dogs is used for the treatment of dry eye and Pannus in dogs. In veteran medicine dry eye is known as keratoconjuncitvits or KCS. When dogs are treated with the medicine increased tear production is observed while inflammation is reduced in the eye and tear gland. It also soothes the cornea and its irritations. Not all dogs’ responds well on cyclosporine ointment for dogs, but those who do, should remain on the medicine for the rest of their lives. To confirm the severity of the disease the veteran surgeon will perform a Schirmer tear test and monitor tear production. At the start of the treatment the veteran may also prescribe artificial tears along the eye ointment to improve tear production. To attain full benefit of cyclosporine treatment the estimated time interval is 3-8 weeks. Cyclosporine ointment for dogs is 15-85% effective for use in KCS.

Cyclosporine ointment  is also used in German shepherd species of dogs to treat Pannus or chronic superficial keratitis. Pannus is another immune disorder of eye region where cornea of the eye is affected. Cyclosporine is prescribed for treatment of Pannus as well due to its effectiveness and less systemic side effects as compared to tropical corticosteroids.

Cyclosporine is only effective in treatment of dry eye in dogs not in any other animal. This is because, if taking example of cats the condition is associated with herpes which is not responsive to cyclosporine.

Method of administration:

Firstly, make sure the doctor has explained to you the method of application. There fore, follow the instruction very carefully. In case you have skipped the medicine do it as soon as you remember. Never double dose to catch up the missed.
Administration of eye medicine to animals especially is the work of patience and practice. Always be careful not to touch the tip of the tube with the dog’s eye lid. Also, do not touch your finger on the tip of the tube or medicine. Veterans often tell techniques which need least amount of struggle for both the dog and the applicant. Remember to wash your hands before and after the application of medicine.

There is no such medicine which has no side effects, every medicine has side effects which may be very few to the many. Therefore whenever any medicine is prescribed always remember to discuss the possible side effects with the veteran. Cyclosporine ointment for dogs does not have any systemic side effects.

As always said keep the medicine out of the children’s reach. Dogs with corneal ulcers can be prescribed cyclosporine along with ophthalmic antibiotics and additional monitoring.
Drug Interactions:
Always make sure that the veteran has complete medical history of your pet. Cyclosporine may become non responsive if taken along other supplements aor medications.
Incase there has been a situation where the pet has been overdosed or taken medicine inadvertently Animal poison control centre or the veteran should be instantly contacted. Where as if some one has accidentally ingested the medicine contact National Capital Poison Control Centre.


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