Information on Cyclosporine Eye Drops For Dogs

 Cyclosporine Eye Drops For Dogs

If your pet has been prescribed Cyclosporine eye drops, then it probably has a condition called dry eyes. Eye drops for dogs is an ophthalmic treatment which has shown much success in the treatment of dry eyes, although a little difficult to administer.

Cyclosporine works by shifting the immune response to immune tolerance. This helps the affected eye to resist infections better. Dry eye is caused by the inability of the tear ducts to produce tears. Tears not only help to moisten the eye but also to protect it from injury.

Cyclosporine eye drop for dogs is usually mixed in a solution which is 2.0% Cyclosporine ointment and corn oil which has proven very effective in stimulating the production of tears in dogs who suffer from the condition dry eye. Without this treatment, the dog can go blind.

There are certain steps to applying eye drops in order for them to work. First, the area should be cleaned of any mucous with a sterile eyewash. Then place one hand under the dog’s chin and gently lift up the head so that the eyes are turned upwards. Use the other hand to hold the applicator for the drops and place it on the dogs head with the applicator or bottle tip pointed down. To keep from accidentally poking the dog’s eye if it’s head jerks, make sure that the tip is pointed away from the dog’s face. Squeeze the drops gently and slowly into the dog’s eye, being careful not to touch the dropper to the surface of the eye. Keep the dog’s head tilted back so that the drops can spread evenly over the eye surface. Always wash your hands before and after applying the medication.

Tears are more important to a dog’s eyes than most people think. Natural tears contain salts, proteins, sugars and oxygen which are distributed to parts of the eyes which contain no blood supply. They also keep the eyes clean from debris such as dust and allergens. In addition, they remove metabolic wastes which can cause infections.

This is why when a dog’s eyes can no longer produce tears, for whatever reason, infections can occur. These can sometimes result in the dog going blind. Tears are made up of oil secreted by the eyelids, mucus, and water. Some of the causes for dry eye are canine distemper, genetic reasons, anesthesia, exposure to sulfa drugs and many others. Irritation usually comes from the dog rubbing and scratching at its itchy eyes.

When applying the Cyclosporine eye drops for dogs be sure to use exactly the amount prescribed by the vet. Overdosing or not using enough of this medication can have an impact on the results of the treatment. But with the proper usage, this medication can bring much relief. Cyclosporine eye drops are usually prescribed for the rest of the animals life.

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