What Is Cyclosporine For Dogs

Cyclosporine For Dogs

We love the unconditional love and devotion that our pets give us. However, our pets do fall prey to illnesses sometimes and we need to get the proper medication to make our furry friends feel better. Cyclosporine for dogs is an excellent example of such a medication. Cyclosporine is used to lower the physical immune system so that the body can resist both internal and external skin threats from the environment. Cyclosporine  also helps their overall bodies resist such threats as well.

Simply put, Cyclosporine belongs to a group of immunosuppressive class of medications and is prescribed to treat a variety of eye problems in your dog, autoimmune diseases and integumentary system. This medication comes in different forms, tablet, skin or eye ointment, liquid (oral), and modified capsules are the various ways to administer this drug.

Depending on how severe the condition of your dog is, cyclosporine for dogs would be recommended once or twice daily. Whatever the dosage is recommended by your vet, it must be given exactly as directed for this medication to work as it should. This medication, in all of it’s forms, are used for treatment of a wide variety of dog breeds and are used to attack many different problems.

The very first time that cyclosporine  was used by vets world wide was when this medication was discovered to be effective in curing KCS in canines. This medication is also used as a treatment for seasonal fistula in dogs. When taken in capsule form, cyclosporine makes a dramatic difference in healing the corneal cell in dogs. This medication is also the front line treatment for corneal lacrimal defects in the eyes of dogs. It is also used to treat canine inflammation. This is the best use which is most effective in the treatment of eye disorders which may develop from inflammation.

Like all medications, cyclosporine does have side effects. The most common side effects are in the gastrointestinal tract. These side effects are temporary and most dogs feel much better with a few days even if the medication is continued. Upset stomach, loss of appetite, vomiting, stools which have mucous, and loose stools are the usual side effects. Reducing the medication dose usually relieves the symptoms then a slow increase in the dosage to the required amount is advised. These side effects usually manifest within a couple of weeks of starting the medication.

Cyclosporine for dogs can also cause callusing of the footpad, muscle cramps, weakness of muscles, tremors, or restlessness. This medication is also used to treat tear deficiency problems. However it may also cause eye irritation if topical medication is made from oral cyclosporine. Of course, if the vet formula is used, Optimmune, side effects are rare.

Some dogs who are taking cyclosporine develop swollen and red earflaps and sometimes they also develop overgrowth of gum tissues. Some dogs can develop acne, and if a dog has already contracted the papilloma virus can see an increase in warts while on cyclosporine for dogs.

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