Azathioprine for Dogs

Azathioprine for Dogs – Painkiller for dogs

The functioning:

Azathioprine  is a painkiller devised for dogs, this is an immunosuppressive drug that is like anti-cancer chemotherapy agents and usually prescribed for the treatment of autoimmune diseases. This includes Hemolytic Anemia, killing of red blood cells, and thrombocytopenia, low blood platelet count required for normal blood clotting. This is also good for treatment of systemic lupus, immune disorders of abdomen-o-pelvic region such as bowel diseases, liver inflammation, hepatitis and glomerulonephritis.

Azathioprine  suppresses cell involved in skin blood or other body systems immune diseases, and also in the treatment of arthritis associated with skin diseases for example pemphigus and myasthenia gravis. The autoimmune diseases also effect nerve and muscle functioning. Azathioprine for dogs suppresses the immune system by indulging in the immune system and lymphatic system i.e. where the production of anti bodies is being done.

Azathioprine  is often taken in combination with corticosteroids or any other drugs similar to cortisone in a treatment in which duration depends upon three factors: The disease being treated; the reaction to the medication; and the symptoms of side affects. When concerned creatures are cats, Azathioprine should be used very thoughtfully and at low doses because cats are specifically vulnerable to limiting effects of this medication. As far as dogs are concerned, Azathioprine is comparatively feasible as long as prescribed by your veterinarian, since it is an effective immunosuppressive drug i.e. restrain the immune system dangerously and reduce the production of necessary blood cells.

Azathioprine for dogs can be combined with other antidote such as certain muscle relaxant and allopurinol. It should be bear in mind that Azathioprine should not be given to dogs if it is hypersensitive or has allergy for the drug. Some dogs develop diarrhea or loose stools as a side effect. Incase these condition remain for more than a few days the veteran should be notified.

Side effects may include reluctance to move, lethargy, loss of appetite, and if the dog vomit when association with Azathioprine, consult the veteran immediately, this may be due to pancreatitis. This is because some dogs are sensitive to ingredients in Azathioprine because the lack the enzymes for metabolism of the active ingredients. Total blood count should be checked after a week or two to keep a check on the blood count.

Generic name and Brand name:

Azathioprine is the generic name while the brand name is Imuran (Prometheus), Azasan (AAIPharma)

How should Azathioprine be used?

Azathioprine for dogs is not an FDA approved medicine, how ever this is a common practice to use this medicine especially for dogs and also for cats.

What special precautions are there?

The Azathioprine for dogs medicine should be strictly avoided in case of allergies. Animals with liver and pancreatic diseases should not be prescribed Azathioprine. Avoid the use of vaccines to animals which are being treated with Azathioprine. The medicine should be given with caution if it is in combination with Allopurinol. Azathioprine can be absorbed through skin. When using medicines pet owners should wear gloves and wash hands before and after the application. Pregnant women should not handle the medicine. The veteran should be acknowledged with the vitamin supplements the pet is taking.




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