Why Buy Prednisone For Dogs

 Prednisone For Dogs

Prednisone is one of the more popular drugs that you can buy to treat autoimmune diseases in dogs. It is an inactive corticosteroid that is converted by the dog’s liver into prednisolone, which is an active steroid. There are many diseases in both humans and dogs which prednisone is used to treat such as excessive itching, lessening the symptoms of asthma or allergies, injuries to the spinal cord, controlling rejections of transplanted organs, treating kidney disorders. These are the cases in which you should buy prednisone for dogs.

Since this medication inhibits the immune system, it can be used to treat such diseases as auto-immune, inflammatory and also kidney diseases. On the down side, this medication can also cause a lot of problems in your dog such as renal disorders, abnormal thirst, increased appetite. These problems can show up even after the medication has been given for a short period of time. The most dangerous of side effects for this medication is hyperadrenocorticism in dogs. However, this is usually cause by an accidental overdose of the drug.

When you buy prednisone for dogs, there are other side effects that you need to be made aware of. These side effects show up after long time usage and can result in a lot of work for the owner. These include ulcers of the digestive tract, pain and inflammation of the pancreas, diabetes, muscle degeneration, irregular behavior issues. If given for more than a week, it can cause permanent damage to the adrenal glands. This will result in a heavy dependency on the drug since the body will no longer be able to create its own natural corticosteroids.

You should buy prednisone  if your dog has an inflammatory condition because it has four times the efficacy of hydrocortisone. This means it is a much more powerful anti-inflammatory drug. This is makes it a much better choice as a pain reliever for your dog. However, do not overdose your dog with this drug as this can result in your pet’s death.

Also, this drug should not be administered to pregnant dogs as it has been known to cause premature birth in females and can even terminate the pregnancy altogether. You should also know that long term or misuse of this drug in animals can cause life-threatening hormonal and metabolic changes. So it is wise to use it for the shortest time possible. This type of corticosteriod can sometimes cover signs of infections, such as a fever.

Animals which have been taking this treatment for long periods of time should be tapered off the drug slowly and waiting longer times in between doses. This drug can also cause a lowering of immunity to viruses and bacterial infections. So if you do buy prednisone for dogs be sure to administer it responsibly. Prednisone can be given either orally or topically. If your dog has systemic fungal infections, it should not be given this drug.

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