What is The Cyclosporine Dose For Dogs

 The Cyclosporine Dose For Dogs

Although you should always ask your vet about the dosage when the dog has been prescribed any medication, the Cyclosporine dose for dogs is usually the same. However, this can be either one drop to each affected eye or two drops. The Cyclosporine dose really depends on the condition itself or the severity of the condition.

Since this is an eye medication for dogs, it is sometimes a little difficult to administer. If there is a mucous discharge in the affected eye, you should wash the eye with a sterile eyewash solution before giving the medication. Always shake this medication well before administering. Holding your pet under the chin, tilt it’s head back so that’s it’s eyes are lifted upwards. Rest your other hand on top of the animal’s head while holding the bottle of eye drops. Hold the bottle away from your pet’s head so that if the animal jerks it’s head, the tip of the bottle doesn’t stick your dog in the eye. This would contaminate the medicine. Gently squeeze the drops into the dog’s eye being careful not to touch the dropper to the eye. Keep the dog’s head tilted back so that the drops cover the eye completely.

Always make sure that you give the proper Cyclosporine dose for dogs that your vet has prescribed as this will affect the outcome of the treatment. Always make sure that your hands are clean before administering this medication and wash your hands afterwards as well. If your pet has more than one eye medication prescribed, always wait five minutes after doing one treatment before doing the other treatment. Do not interchange medication caps. If you miss giving one Cyclosporine dose for dogs be sure not to double dose.

When your dog is prescribed Cyclosporine eye drops, it is usually because the dog’s eyes aren’t producing enough tears naturally. Tears do more than keep the eyes moist. Tears also provide proteins which protect against bacterial infections. They also provide salts, sugars and oxygen to the eyes. In fact, since parts of the eye do not have a blood supply, this is the only way for oxygen to reach these parts. Tears also removes metabolic wastes from the eyes.

Without tears, a dog’s eyes become very irritated, the conjunctival tissues become red and the cornea itself will turn brown over time in an attempt to protect the eye. There will also be a thick yellow discharge from the eye. If left untreated, the result will be blindness.

Always remember to apply the drops to the lower eyelid sac. Dogs who are prescribed these eye drops must remain on this medication for the rest of their lives. In order to check your dog’s treatment progress, you will need to take your dog to the vet for a checkup after three weeks of the treatment. These eye drops are very important to maintain your dog’s eyesight so don’t forget the Cyclosporine dose for dogs.

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