Cyclosporine for Dogs

cyclosporine for dogs

Most people love to have pets at home to enjoy the company of someone very innocent and very loyal. The fashion of petting dogs is nothing new especially in the Western world. However, just like us human beings, even pets (and dogs) also could become vulnerable to many health-related problems and diseases. Therefore, it becomes very important to get your dog diagnosed with any potential veterinary disease and ensure proper medically apt procedures to remedy the problem (if any). Cyclosporine is one such medication which is commonly known to be used for lowering the immune system of the body so that the body could resist any possible infections both internally as well as externally. The use of cyclosporine  in medicating them against the harmful threats to their skin and overall body from the environment is also quite commonly in practice.
While treating you pet with topical cyclosporine, you must take special notice of any possibly undesirable symptoms in their body such as suppression of systemic lymphoblastogenesis, periocular alopecia, blepharitis, abnormal hair loss (around the eyes) and conjunctival hyperemia. Medical studies have proved the effectiveness of this medication against all the aforementioned symptoms in dogs.

Various Categories of cyclosporine for dogs

Basically, cyclosporine belongs to the immunosuppressive class of medications and it could be prescribed for the effective treatment of various problems of your dog’s eyes, autoimmune disorders and integumentary system. The non-modified tablet, skin or ophthalmic ointment, compounded oral solution and micro-emulsified modified capsules are the various categories of cyclosporine for dog. Depending upon the extent of the problem or disease, cyclosporine could be recommended for your dog once or twice diurnally. Whatever dosage you are advised to give to your dog, you must stringently follow the exact amount of medicine and precise timing for the medication to work effectively. Similarly, all the various brands of the said medicine are meant for tackling particular problems in different breeds of the dogs. Therefore, you must carefully consider the expert veterinary services to avail the most suitable medicine for your particular breed of dog.

Common Usages of cyclosporine

The very first instance of vets all around the world prescribing cyclosporine for domestic animals was when the capability of this medicine was found to be mighty effective in curing the problem of KCS in dogs. Among all other uses of this medicine, cyclosporine for dogs is often used to treat the problem of perennial fistula in dogs. The medication is provided through the cyclosporine capsules that can drastically help reduce any effects of inflammation in your dog. Also, cyclosporine is also used to heal up the corneal-cell in dogs and is often considered to be the primary treatment for lacrimal defects in them. Hence, the most effective use of cyclosporine for dogs still remains in its effectiveness against various eye disorders which might be developed as a result of severe inflammation. For an effective treatment of these eye disorders or any other such problems in your pets, you must first consult a well-trained and qualified veterinarian.

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