How to Use Cyclosporine Ointment For Dogs

 Using Cyclosporine Ointment For Dogs

When it becomes necessary to treat your dog with eye drops for dry eye or other eye afflictions, vets will sometimes mix a weak solution of Cyclosporine ointment for dogs with an oil base such as castor oil or corn oil. A lower concentration is called for with smaller pets, but the normal mixture is 2% topical Cyclosporine ointment.

Although this mixture has shown much success, the bioavailability of Cyclosporine depends on which oil it is dissolved in. Mineral oil is an undesirable solvent for the mixture. Stability of this mixture is limited by solubility, oxidation of the vehicle and sterility.

The recommended dosage of the Cyclosporine ointment is twice daily but this amount can be adjusted frequently to affect the cure. In the case of dry eye, the ophthalmic Cyclosporine mixture needs to be administered for the rest of the dog’s life. As soon as you suspect that your dog has a problem with its eyes seek vet help immediately. Putting off treatment of these conditions can result in your dog losing its sight.

One of the ways in which Cyclosporine ointment for dogs is to stimulate the production of natural tears. Natural, or physiological, tears contain growth factors which heal corneal damage, lysozyme, and antibodies for control of infections and many more nutritional elements necessary for the health of the cornea. 80% of dog’s that are treated with Cyclosporine ointment for dogs enjoy relief from the symptoms of dry eye but it is a lifelong condition. Treatment for the dry eye must never be discontinued or a relapse will occur.

When administering the Cyclosporine ointment, place one hand under the dog’s chin and gently lift the head up so that the eyes are focused upwards. With the other hand on top of the dog’s head, place one or two drops in the corner of the dog’s eye but be sure to hold the dropper away from the dog’s face so that if the head jerks you don’t accidentally touch the dropper to the surface of the eye.

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Always wash your hands before and after administering the medication. Take care to give exactly the amount of drops prescribed by the vet as it will affect the treatment results. Before the use of Cyclosporine ointment, eye ailments in dogs were only responsive to topical-corticosteroids. The use of this Cyclosporine ointment for dogs is a much safer treatment option than chronic topical-corticosteroids as this latter choice can lead to a melting stromal ulcer on the eye.

Cyclosporine ointment does not penetrate very easily into the inner eye so it isn’t used very often to treat anterior uveitis. It does, however, reach high concentrations in the cornea as well as other parts of the eye and is thus very useful as a suppressant for chronic immune-mediated diseases. As stated earlier, be careful to only use the amount of Cyclosporine ointment for dogs prescribed by your vet in order to give effective relief to your dog’s eyes.

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