Atopica for Dogs

Atopica For Dogs – Medication

What does Atopica look like?
Atopica for dogs is soft capsules which should be swallowed whole. There are different sizes of capsules available for different sizes of dogs; they could be differentiated through their color. Atopica comes in 10 mg, 25 mg, 50 mg and 100mg capsules.

What is Atopica for?

Atopica for dogs is a medicine for itchy skin; the medicine is highly effective for dogs suffering from chronic itching. However, Atopica is effective only for one particular type of itchiness which doctors call pruritus and technically known as chronic atopic dermatitis.

Chronic means longstanding – some signs and symptoms do not go away. They seem responsive to a medicine at first but later come back again

Atopic means which are caused by Atopica, that is a certain skin allergy. They occur due to the presence of tiny allergic particles in the air that are inhaled or land on the skin. There are many allergic reactions in dogs, but, the most commonly occurring is due to plant pollens and also house dust mites also cause allergic infections on dogs skin that causes itching.

Dermatitis is the inflammation of the skin. Sometimes if it becomes chronic and severe the dogs begin biting and scratch themselves and those areas become hairless. If the particular place is scratched a lot that part of the skin may bleed or look scabby. The itching may take months or years to go away and the dogs suffer from itching for a long time.

Atopic for dogs does not treat all kinds of itching. Like if the dog has fleas in the skin or infection of the skin in such cases Atopica for dogs is unresponsive. Therefore doctor’s prescription is very important when purchasing Atopica.

How does Atopica work?

Atopica suppresses the body’s immune system of the specific part that is overreacting in the form of itching. The drug cyclosporine in Atopica suppresses or inhibits T-lymphocytes that reduce itchy feeling. Atopica should not be given with food; it should be given at least two hours after the food intake. There are other drugs besides Atopica which are used for treating atopic dermatitis, for instance, steroids. There are different merits and demerits associated with these drugs that affect body systems.

Side effects and precautions:

There are severe side effects linked to Atopica, these side effects are mild and vanish once the treatment is stopped, the most commonly occurring ones are stomach upset vomiting and diarrheas. There are some serious side effects also present that may occur if there is some skin infection. This is why it is advised not to take Atopica if there is even a little skin infection present. There is also a possibility that Atopica may trigger the growth of tumors that were malignant before. They do not cause tumors.

Atopica for dogs should be used if there is Atopic dermatitis or itchiness. Most dogs have not shown side effects but those having sensitive internal system have shown quite much. Therefore you should get your dog checked in case of system sensitivity.