What Are The Cyclosporin Side Effects in Dogs

 The Cyclosporin Side Effects in Dogs

When your dog has dry eyes and you are using the Cyclosporin eye drops for treatment, you may wonder about any side effects in dogs that might occur. The fact is that, since the amount of Cyclosporin used in these eye drops and ointment is so low, it is not absorbed by the bloodstream so there are very few side effects. The only noticeable side effects are itchy, watery eyes and some reddening of the eyes. This may cause the dog to rub and scratch at the eyes. This side effect of Cyclosporin in dogs usually occurs after the first treatment and if these side effects do become severe, contact your vet for instructions.

Of more concern are the allergic reactions which can occur. These are much more severe and include facial swelling, hives, scratching, sudden diarrhea, vomiting, shock, seizures and more. Contact your vet immediately if you notice any unusual symptoms. These can be fatal to the animal if left untreated.

Cyclosporin eye drops for dogs has many benefits for several eye conditions in dogs. It is most commonly prescribed by vets for dry eye, also called KCS, in dogs. When the tear glands stop producing natural tears, viral infections can occur. Tears also keep the eyes clean and debris free. Cyclosporine eye drops for dogs helps to stimulate the production of natural tears and this is preferable to artificial tears. And, as stated earlier, there are rare but very mild Cyclosporin side effects. Natural tears contain growth proteins which help with cornea cell turnover and helps to heal the cornea. These tears also contain antibodies to keep infections at bay. So for most pet owners, the Cyclosporin side effects are outnumbered by the benefits of using this treatment.

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Of course, the success of treatments with Cyclosporine eye drops for dogs depends on the advanced stage of the KCS. This is why early diagnoses and treatment of this condition is so very important. KCS can result in blindness if left untreated for too long. This is because the tear glands become atrophied over time if this condition isn’t treated quickly. 80% of the dogs who are treated with the Cyclosporin eye drops start tear production successfully.

Cyclosporine eye drops are used to treat several eye conditions which before only responded to corticosteroids. Cyclosporine is much safer to use over a long period of time than these corticosteroids too. This is good because this medication has to be used on the dog for it’s lifetime. There is no permanent cure for KCS.

When you are treating your dog with the Cyclosporine eye drops, be sure and only use the exact amount of drops that the vet prescribed. Too much or too little of this medication can affect the outcome of the treatment. Follow the instructions to the letter. Also, although they are rare, be sure to report any Cyclosporin side effects to your vet.

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