Cyclosporine Eye Drops for Dogs Care

Use with Care the Cyclosporine Eye Drops for Dogs

If your dog is suffering from dry eye or pannus there is a solution which can help your dog suffering for good. The cyclosporine eye drops for dogs is the best solution and veterinarian has been prescribing it to their animal patients. The purpose of the cyclosporine is to help the dog produce the much-needed tears and at the same time reduce any inflammation in the dog eyes. The medication will help soothes the irritation in the dog eyes and calm the dog from scratching its eyes. The medication will be used for the rest of the dog life if it responds well with the medication.

At the beginning of the treatment process, the vet will use artificial tears to help the dog moist it eyes. The support of the cyclosporine will still be needed during this process. The therapy will take almost 8 weeks before reaching a positive result. The eye drop has been showing positive result up to 80% of the dogs that uses it. The dry eye disease has been successfully controlling by the eye drops.

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However, before you use the cyclosporine eye drops for dogs, it is better for you to know some facts about the medication. There are several side effects that may occur when your dog is given the eye drop. One of the side effects is the loss of appetite which could happen for a short period. Diarrhea can also occur to certain dogs but it will only be going for a day or two. It is important to keep your dog hydrated during this time. There is also another negative effect such as shedding of fur, redness on the ear, sometimes swelling to the ears, gums can also be swelled and a few more allergic reaction. However, most of these side effects will stop when the treatment using the eye drop is complete.

The use of the cyclosporine eye drops for dogs can also cause allergic reactions to the dogs. Some dogs will experience swelling in the face or some dogs will scratch and experience seizures in worst allergic reaction. Some even have pale gum or even limbs become cold. The allergic reaction may cause the coma and even death to the dogs. Therefore, when seeing such allergic reaction the dog owner must take the dog to the veterinarian for a quick treatment so that the dog will not go through the dangerous situation.

The cyclosporine eye drops for dogs should never be given to puppies and pregnant dogs. If the female dogs still nursing it puppies the cyclosporine should not be given because it can lead to a dangerous situation for the mom and puppies. Dogs that have liver problem and dogs with cancer are forbidding to undergo the cyclosporine therapy. Every instruction for the eye drop must be followed religiously by the dog owner so that no negative implication will occur after taking the eye medication.  The medication is very effective when using on the dog that suffers dry eye and pannus, but at the same time, it can result in the risk mention above. Therefore, when negative effects start to crop up the dog owner must seek help from the veterinarian before continuing the cyclosporine eye drops for dogs.

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