Cyclosporine Eye Drops for Dogs

Cyclosporine Eye Drops For Dogs:

Made from the metabolism of Beauvaria nivea, the soil fungus, the immunosuppressive drug was developed to prevent organ rejection after organ transplant surgeries. Cyclosporine eye drops for dogs is used to treat keratoconjuncitvits, or KCS, in dogs. Survey results show that nearly 40% dogs suffer from KCS. Cocker Spaniels, bull dogs, yorkies, and shih tzus are the breeds that most commonly suffer from KCS. KCS or in layman language dry eye occurs when animal immune system suppresses tear metabolism. Lack of tears causes irritation decolorisation of cornea of eye and thick discharge, if untreated can lead to blindness as well.

Cyclosporine Eye Drops For Dogs History:

Earliest researches conducted on ophthalmic uses of cyclosporine was conducted at University of Georgia College of veterinary Medicine. After its first introduction, it became scarce. Many veterans began making their own cyclosporine eye drops for dogs from oral cyclosporine and vegetable oil.

surveys conclude 85% success of cyclosporine eye drops for dogs. This is also used to treat Pannus. Its low absorption rate has made it less dangerous than any other immunosuppressive drugs.

Make sure you follow your doctors instruction very carefully and there should be carelessness in it. Incase you are using more than one eye drops for your dogs, give a break of 5 minutes when applying each. This way the drops do not wash away with the previous one. Also, make sure you do not touch the eye lid with the dropper, this way it get contaminated. Always apply drops to the lower eye lid pack. You should also wash your hands before and after the application of cyclosporine eye drops for dogs, to avoid absorption of the drug. The dogs who are receiving cyclosporine eye drops for dogs, for treatment of KCS will be needing this treatment for the rest of their lives.

it is recommended to visit the veteran every three weeks to perform a tear test in order to check the dogs progress. Veteran will then adjust the dosages if needed.

Finding Cyclosporine Eye drops for dogs:

In U.S more than 60 compounding pharmacies are licensed for the making of  eye drops for dogs. There are several online websites also where you can buy these drops. And also call the toll free number to lace your order.

There is a possibility that cyclosporine can delay the healing Corneal Ulcers. The doctor should be consulted regularly if any change in the situation occurs.

Cyclosporine has been proving very helpful for dogs, especially treatment of dry eye. But you dog owners should be careful to apply medication regularly. Also, make sure you are doing all the precautionary measure provided by the doctors. Your doctor should be very aware of the dogs medical history and current changes or appearance of rashes or irritation. Slight appearance of any sign can prove fatal if not treated. This is because already the immune system is suppressed and it may not have strength to deal with external microbes. Anti-toxicants should also be applied.

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